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Our customers  always know where their shipments are. Upon booking, they receive an Advance Notice with full shipment details. During transit, they receive up to 7 status messages informing them of the progress of their shipments. Each week they receive a Weekly Shipment Report summarizing the status of all of their shipments. Our web site is available 24 x 7 with shipment information and documents available for downloading.

We have the tools

to deliver our customer’s shipments on time, at the best price. Each function at Harbour is detailed in a process document. Each activity is supported by a Check List. Our team members complete the Check List with each shipment, to ensure our customers receive a high standard of service consistently delivered every time.

Certified Experience

Harbour USA has been CTPAT certified almost since the CTPAT program began in November, 2001. Harbour Costa Rica received its BASC certification in 2019. Harbour Panama and Guatemala are both on track to receive BASC certification in 2020.

Competitive Pricing

Harbour’s pricing team works with 28 ocean carriers, dozens of trucking companies and agents throughout the world to create the best proposal for each shipment, considering rates, transit time, transshipments, demurrage and detention at destination.

40 Years Experience

With over 40 years’ experience Harbour has the knowledge and experience to deliver your shipments on time and at the best price. We understand the role we play in supply chain management, inventory level planning and maintaining products on the shelves.

Great Support

We are a small team of people committed to providing our customers the highest level of service every day, on every shipment. We will always appreciate your critical feedback.

Core values

Harbour believes that the following values serve to maintain long-term, healthy relationships with all of our business partners:

Be Respectful

Be Honest

Be Responsible

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