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Global Customer Service

María Fernanda Ajanel
U.S. Tel: 630-879-8800 x 1010
Mobile: +502-3262-9467

Pamela Giron
U.S. Tel: 630-879-8800 ext. 1010
Mobile: +502-4816-9990
Skype: live:.cid.5234c3c3c07e81a5

U.S. Export Operations

Leslie Campos
Tel: 630-879-8800 x1006
Skype: camplez75

U.S. Import Operations

David Catalán
Tel: 630-879-8800 x1040
Skype: dcatalan_10

Miami, FL. U.S.A.

Warehouse Manager: Deaneo Davis
Mobile: 305-807-6522
Tel: 630-879-8800 EXT 1015
Skype: deaneo.davis

Operations Agent: Mariam Penaloza
Mobile: 305-807-5550
Tel: 630-879-8800 EXT 1009
Skype: mariampenaloza

Operations Agent: Yanisbel Valdez
Mobile: 630-341-6064
Skype: live:.cid.ad6b7550c460af64

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Sales Representative: Maribel De Roldan
Mob: +502-3000-4566
Tel: +502-2228-7018
Skype: maribelgarcia.1205

Operations Agent: Miguel Catalán,
Mob: +502-3046 0682
Tel: +502-2228-7003
Skype: live:57b85d706fe205c6

Panama City, Panama.

Sales Representative: Orietta Pitti Montenegro
Mob: +507-6217-2112
Tel: +507-398-5366(67)
Skype: opittiharbour

Operations Agent: Minerva Marenco
Mob: +507-6303-4860
Tel: +507-398-5366(67)
Skype: Minerva.marenco

San Jose, Costa Rica.

Sales Representative: Judiany Sandi
Tel: +506-2654-9292
Mobile: +506-6041-4855
Skype: cid.e5454fc935205b4

Operations Agent: Juliana Madrigal
Mobile: +506-6056-1083
Tel: +506-2654-9292
Skype: 5bdb34dee2508b15

Kingston, Jamaica

Sales Representative: Christopher Frederick
Mobile: (876) 323-5882
Skype: chrisfred6

Castries, St. Lucia

Sales Representative: Fleming Jn Paul
Mobile: +1758-285-9333
Skype: fleming.jnpaul_1

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sales Representative: Danny M. Gomez
Mobile: +1(809)984-4107
Skype: Danny_mg66

Guanajuato,  Mexico

Customer Service Representative: Pamela Giron
Mobile: +52 55 4164 9335
Skype: live:.cid.5234c3c3c07e81a5

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